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UNCLE2 – A Cloud Based Pawn Marketplace 二叔公- 雲端典當交易平台

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Pawn Anytime, Anywhere in One App.

Sell Now Think Later.

Our vision is to evolve the pawn loan business and extend its rich cultural and historical heritage. 我們的願景是承傳典當貸款其豐富文化和歷史遺產。

Our mission is to reimagine the pawnshop funding process to accelerate the deployment of pawn assets locally and globally. Pawn is going to be promoted from Hong Kong to Asia and the rest of the world, to become universal and borderless.


Our positioning is to provide superior experience by mobilizing quick finance & digital data technology.


AI Pawn Estimator™

1. Access Latest Price: In common practise, pawnbrokers always estimate the goods/assets by experience without referencing the latest secondary market prices or considering the market trend of the goods. It is vital to create a powerful tool to access the latest pricing information by collecting the useful data from the public/online sources, i.e. local exchange, well-known global research reports, world price lists, forums by web crawler (爬蟲). This turns information into valuable insight. The common sources we could get the latest pricing data in practise like Rapaport Report for diamonds, the Chinese Gold & Silver Society for metals, Rolex Forums for updated Rolex prices, Spotted Fashion for branded goods and etc.

2. Future Price Factors: After getting the latest prices, we access the data into Google Cloud platform. At the same time, we input different economic index, like inflation, GDP, market growth rate into our AI machine learning model. We predict the future price after 4 months (maximum pawn loan period) into our AI Pawn Estimator™. Hence, secondary market price reflected accordingly and the suggested pawn market value for pawnbroker will be generated instantly via our cloud platform.

QR Pre Ticket 二維碼預先當票

In order to smoothen the transaction of the whole pawn experience, we have to trace every transaction via our QR Pre Ticket. Once the customers confirm the preliminary loan value offered from the pawnbroker via the quotation process, a new QR Pre Ticket will be generated to show the order details, like customer name, address, pawn goods condition details with purchase supporting records. The pawn broker will scan the QR Code presented by the customer who visit to the pawnshop with the pawn goods in person. We safeguard the order detail and financing information for the principal & accrued interest. The customer can also easily access to check the status of the pawn goods anytime anywhere, especially when the customer wants to redeem the goods.

Pawn-shopping Auction Market


Other than providing matching platform for customers and pawnbrokers, we also provide an e-commerce platform with payment gateway feature for reselling the repossessed assets (斷當資產) from the pawnshops. We put forth a brand-new online auction process into UNCLE2 platform. For every asset/pawn goods, there will be 72 hours countdown period for bidding from every online user. It will generate premium value for the pawnbrokers to resell the goods instead of consolidating and realise the goods value from thrift store owner at a lower price. Most importantly, it will promote an online auction atmosphere for everyone and create a new market to explore the repossessed goods. We believed the pawn goods will be at a comparatively lower price. Let's imagine that we could find a limited or vintage Rolex /valuable goods from the anonymous market.

Social Responsibility

Nowadays, the advertisement of lending is very common, and they are promoting easy money. However, people ignore the consequences of lending, i.e. credit rating. The credit worthiness of an individual is very important and can be very costly. If your credit rating is poor, the bank may reject you for a loan or even a credit card application. The pawn concept is rare among new and younger generations. Uncle2 educates an alternative method for quick finance with collateral. We promote this century-old pawning concept as mentioned in our vision, Uncle2 is to evolve the pawn loan business and extend its rich cultural and historical heritage.

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