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Hi, there.

Here’s How UNCLE2 Pawn Matching Process Works

Other than Pawn, we also have the following:

1. Direct Sell Quote;

2. Consignment with bidding;

3. Sell Now BuyBack Later


your idle luxury assets

Step 1: Get A Free Assessment & Instant Up-Front Estimate by AI Pawn Estimator

Upload high-quality images of the item. Click by click to classify the conditions and details. Get an up-front estimate for both parties. Accept or Decline the initial offer, and proceed.


Step 2: Quote from verified Pawnbrokers, Retailers, Individual Customers

Maximum 3 quotes from pawnbrokers within 72 hours. Once deal closed, QR Pre-Ticket(⼆維碼當票) confirmation will be sent out.

Step 3: Deliver and Receive Loan Offer. 

Agree, Sign, Get Paid!

Visit the designated pawnshop and present the QR Code to verify both parties. You will get paid after finalising the offer.

New Concept of
"Sell Now BuyBack Later"

Win Win situation by satisfying sellers' cash needs while providing investment opportunity for new potential buyer by gaining premium $buyback or a lower purchase price.

uncle2_web_Sell Now BuyBack Later_updated-3.jpg

      Seller Side

i. Sell Now

satisfy urgent cash need & maximize the selling price at market 


ii. BuyBack Later Option 

flexible to own back your beloved collectible within 4 months at just 1.5% premium or just forego

           Buyer Side


i. Guranteed Earning 

by earning premium $buyback for 4 months, OR

ii. Lower Price

own the item at your offered purchase price after 4 months


Our Road Map

2020 AUG      Ideation

2020 SEP      Cyberport CCMF 

2021 JUL      HKSTP Incubation Programme (3 Yrs)

2021 H2          iOS/Android Mobile App Listed

2022 H1          New AI Pawn Estimator Integrated

2022 H2          New AI Model for Luxury Watches Integrated

2022 H1          New AI Model for Top Branded Bags

2022 H2          New Price/Product Scanner deployed

2023 H1          New Asset Portfolio Tracker Integrated

2023 H2          UNCLEX Tokenised Asset Launch (Beta)

2024 H1          New AI Appraiser Integrated

2024 H2          Centralised Luxury Vault
        Physical Concept Stores Opening
        Scale to Japan/Taiwan/Macau & GBA Markets
        (cross border transactions)


More Efficient, More Secured, More Trustforthy?
 Not only PAWN, UNCLE2 strives for excellence.. Stay tuned.

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